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Importance of Communication in Change Management

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At the enterprise level, change can impact employees across countries. Also, in offices, divisions, and levels. Meaning, change impact a lot of people. Together with your business success as the highest level will impact by a change. As a matter of fact, it cannot overstate the importance of communication in change management. Proactively, clearly, and consistently communicate the change. Likewise, you will be sure that every employee across your organization understands what is happening.

Ways to communicate your change

Pick a Key Sponsor

By the guide of company’s leaders your change process forward and keep employees invested. Furthermore, your leaders have an opportunity to set the tone during the change. Choose a leader to drive communications globally and act as the figurehead and go-to person for questions.  

Set Your Messaging

The key to communicating your change is consistency. From new employees to managers to senior leadership must likewise understand the basics of what’s changing.

Lean Into Why

Often time it neglected in communicating why a change takes place. But much likely the employees to get behind the change if they understand its reasoning. It needs to explain “why” to tie the change to your future business mission direction.

Be Repetitive

Across all around channels and mediums must communicate the change. By doing it, you will be sure all employees get the message.

Allow for Dialogue

it is important for the communication should be a two-way street. The same at the management level, you can start a conversation with employees on the change in three ways:

Answer the Question

Admirably, ask employees to submit questions online and anonymously, then share the answer widely. Give enough time for FAQs in all in-person communications, like town halls and team meetings.

Ask for Feedback

Encourage all employees to send feedback in the given methods.

Talk Frankly about Managing Stress

Typically, change is stressful. Recognize the feeling that stressed is okay and provide tactics employees can use to cope with the change.


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